Jun 5

Hey Guys! Welcome to my tutorial for Nuclear Reactors in the Tekkit Pack! Nuclear reactors are part of the Industrial Craft 2 Mod and can be used to power BuildCraft engines and can be used for any other things.

Today I show you how to make the Uranium Cells and how to design your reactors casing as well as the most safe design you can make.

In the end I show you what happens when you don’t respect the nuclear reactors. If you need further information about the wiring I used check out my speedbuild as it shows how to build the reactor casing and the wiring behind it to make it functional.

Mods Used (all part of the Tekkit pack):
- Industrial Craft 2 (IC2)
- BuildCraft
- RedPower
- Wireless Redstone

Duration : 0:12:21

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25 Responses

  1. kielcrocodile1000 Says:

    umm… hey what …
    umm… hey what does a nuclear reactor do?

  2. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    Nope, hence I …
    Nope, hence I prepared most of it before recording. Even then I still forgot some things. XD

  3. tret167 Says:

    It’s a good vid, …
    It’s a good vid, not all our memories are good huh

  4. mwmw1999 Says:

    3:53 FISHY
    3:53 FISHY

  5. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    I’ll send you a …
    I’ll send you a link to its Wiki page.

  6. candygent Says:

    how do i make a …
    how do i make a coolant cell?

  7. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    That works well! :D 
    That works well! :D 

  8. wolf229pack Says:

    i built mine under …
    i built mine under water

  9. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    First time I made …
    First time I made this design I laughed so much after realising it was a fish. xD

  10. ToxicCookieful Says:

    04:05 Nice Fish m8. …
    04:05 Nice Fish m8…

  11. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    Yes but you …
    Yes but you shouldn’t, the IndustrialCraft^2 mod changes the blast resistance from really high to very low. This means it wouldn’t stop the nuclear explosion unless the obsidian wall is about 20 thick.

  12. MrJenksyn Says:

    Cant u use …
    Cant u use obsidian as a cover?

  13. jonas004800 Says:

    hehe, yea :D
    hehe, yea :D

  14. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    Lets hope you …
    Lets hope you sheltered it properly! ;D

  15. jonas004800 Says:

    My Blew up :P
    My Blew up :P

  16. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    It should work just …
    It should work just as well, it should work better.

    Reinforced Stone has a blast resistance of 150 where as Bedrock has a blast resistance of 18,000,000.

    In theory it should completely withstand the blast of the nuclear reactor.

  17. greymaggot Says:

    what if you would …
    what if you would use bedrock instead of reinforced stone?

  18. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    Cool story bro, if …
    Cool story bro, if you want to go through life hating on random people you’ve never met then you make me sick. I may make videos for fun about things I don’t fully understand but at least I don’t judge people before having spoken to them.

  19. blackIce504 Says:

    then why have any …
    then why have any opinion on something that you do not understand people like you make me sick.

  20. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    ^ THIS. Hence I …
    ^ THIS. Hence I showed the damage it can do even when it is protected.

  21. hunterman13100 Says:

    Remember kids, …
    Remember kids, always safely house your nuclear reactors!

  22. Irish Craft Says:

    was thinking the …
    was thinking the very same thing hahah creepy bastard

  23. GamerArmerus Says:

    You sound like …
    You sound like Salad Fingers. This is a good thing.

  24. Monzarath Says:

    lol i like the …
    lol i like the explosion

  25. TheMattDennis16 Says:

    I can see why, I …
    I can see why, I apologise for it, I’m not an expert and my knowledge of the ‘new’ IndustrialCraft is limited at best. :D

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